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    releases November 22, 2017

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Now (then)
Nothing Happened (again)


-.-. / .... / .- / -. / -. / . / .-.. / …

i remember symbols
opening me

all of it is you / listening

i feel it in every feeling / receiving
channeling something into something

visions / sentences / patterns forming

i remember opening

eight planets in symmetry
dreaming / becoming

translate messages now / then

channels open / listening in
before / during / after
nothing happened again



releases November 22, 2017


Music Channeled by Billy Mays III

Guitars Recorded at Black Crow Recording
and at Home in St. Petersburg, FL

Live Drums Recorded at Paper Sound Studios
in St. Petersburg, FL

Mastered by Nathan James
at The Vault Mastering Studio
in Phoenix Arizona

Voice Channeling by Kat Von Greye
at Born2Fly Academy
in St. Petersburg, FL

Throat-Singing by Gordon Sloan

Gong Vibrations by Don Cooper

Cover Art by Javier Torres


C H A N N E L (S)

- a way, course, or direction of thought or action
- a means of communication or expression such as a path along which information (as data or music) in the form of an electrical signal passes

- to act as a medium
- to convey through or as through a channel
- to direct toward or into some particular end or object
- to form channels or grooves in
- to use energy, ability, feelings, or ideas for a particular purpose
- to channel something into something

I am a channel. you are a channel. it is a channel. we are channels. they are channels. I channel. you channel. it channels. we channel. they channel. I am channeling. you are channeling. it is channeling. we are channeling. they are channeling. I would channel. you would channel. it would channel. we would channel. they would channel. I would be channeling. you would be channeling. it would be channeling. we would be channeling. they would be channeling. I would have been channeling. you would have been channeling. it would have been channeling. we would have been channeling. they would have been channeling. I would have channeled. you would have channeled. it would have channeled. we would have channeled. they would have channeled. I will channel. you will channel. it will channel. we will channel. they will channel. I will be a channel. you will be a channel. it will be a channel. we will be channels. they will be channels. I will be channeling. you will be channeling. it will be channeling. we will be channeling. they will be channeling. I will have been channeling. you will have been channeling. it will have been channeling. we will have been channeling. they will have been channeling. I will have channeled. you will have channeled. it will have channeled. we will have channeled. they will have channeled. I have been channeling. you have been channeling. it has been channeling. we have been channeling. they have been channeling. I have channeled. you have channeled. it has channeled. we have channeled. they have channeled. I was channeling. you were channeling. it was channeling. we were channeling. they were channeling. I had been channeling. you had been channeling. it had been channeling. we had been channeling. they had been channeling. I had channeled. you had channeled. it had channeled. we had channeled. they had channeled. I channeled. you channeled. it channeled. we channeled. they channeled. I was a channel. you were a channel. it was a channel. we were channels. they were channels.


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Infinite Third Saint Petersburg, Florida

Infinite Third is the guitar-driven electronic post-rock music of Billy Mays III.

Intense yet gentle, focused yet wandering, dreamlike yet grounded in reality, the world of Infinite Third is a mind-altering place that's never the same twice but somehow always feels familiar. ... more


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